Join dyplay Affiliate Program

To expand the market and drive the brand widely, we`re sincerely looking for affiliates worldwide to join in this win-win program and share the revenue! Earn commision on all referred sales just by referring customers to You work hard, you deserve better, and earn more!

  • How it works

  1. Affiliate promotes dyplay products on blog, social media pages etc. content web sites
  2. Potential customer clicks on the posts
  3. Customer orders at
  4. Affiliate earns commissions

  • YOUr benefits

  1. Up to 10% commission on each referred sale
  2. Extra Cash Bonus by reaching goals
  3. New monthly profitable activities , updating banners and coupons
  4. Newsletters when new activity and promotions update
  5. 180-day cookie duration


  1. Cutting-edge outfit for audio streaming
  2. Affordable prices with best-buy quality
  3. 7/24 customer service and Live chat service
  4. 12month warranty

Partner Affiliate Platform

Refersion( is the partner affiliate platform of dyplay to handle the affiliate program. You shall create an account and password while signing up as a dyplay affiliate. Sign up here: Refersion Affiliate

*If you have any other inquiries, Please do not hesitate to e-mail