Listen to The Real Voice —— Sound bar

November 24, 2021

Listen to The Real Voice —— Sound bar - dyplay

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  • This is what a soundbar should be, super simple to setup and use, and sounds good. The setup is dirt simple, just plug it into power and connect your audio inputs. The soundbar comes with every cable you could use, HDMI, optical, and analog/RCA style. The HDMI is ARC, so if your TV has ARC, you can control the volume with the TV remote. In my case, I had to use optical, so I had to use the included remote. The included remote is a little too small and light; but it works. After you have it setup, there is a large LED on the right side, red when it is off, green when on. A cool feature is when you change inputs it speaks aloud what input you are on, like HDMI, Optical, etc! There is also bluetooth, but I have not tried it. The overall build quality is good and solid. You can place it on a shelf or mount it to a wall. The sound quality is good for a system without a subwoofer, but better than the TV's speaker. A good balance between price and quality and a big step up from the tinny speakers in your typical TV.

———Tiffany CherryBlossom

  • I needed a compact sound bar for my bedroom to place on the shelf under my tv. It’s a 32 inch bedroom tv and I already have the Tv on full blast and still can’t hear it. It’s especially hard to hear when we have a fan or the air conditioner on. This sound bar has definitely improved the sound quality of my shows and movies in my bedroom without having my tv on full blast . It’s just the right size and it was a very reasonable price too. It’s 20 inches long and I connected it with the included optical cord although it gives many options for hookup it was the one I am familiar with using . I can control it with the included remote control. It has three different sound modes movie, music or new. I mostly leave it on movie mode. Very pleased as now I can clearly here the tv!!
  • Bluetooth works fine, no problem pairing with TV. I'm using this for my TCL 70" Android TV (but the TV speaker for my TCL works good enough on its own though)... anyway, maybe it's because I don't know what I'm doing, but I couldn't get the other options to work (HDMI, optical, etc.) on the TCL. I'm realistic to the fact that this isn't a Bose or a Sony (and you're not paying those prices either!). However, I hooked it up to my VIZIO 65" using HDMI (my VIZIO does not have Bluetooth capabilities), and it works excellent!!! Like, the sound bar blows me away on just a volume 5! (I wish I can figure it out for my TCL though.) Looks nice; came with all the wired options for plugging in; has wireless capabilities via Bluetooth; good size.
  • Very nice quality sound bar discreet free and very easy to hook up to your TV it also has Bluetooth this is a great price excellent SoundCloud great for watching movies or listen to the music highly recommended for anyone looking for a nice sound bar to hook up to the TV.
  • It is a very good and modern looking soundbar. Extremely easy to setup that it took just a few minutes to unbox and complete the installation. The speakers on our TV are terrible and we had to blast the volume to hear anything. This soundbar solved the problem. The sound with the sound bar is great and it enhances watching movies and tv so much. I like the fact of its size and that it fits nicely on the tv stand. All that sound is packed into a small sound bar so I am able to get rid of the 4 old speakers taking up so much room.
——Keene Family

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